Local Closings and 30 Years of Experience

Farrar And Associates Team

How Is Farrar and Associates Different?

Simple. We’re a local law firm that specializes in real estate transactions and we provide statewide settlement services. We handle the entire closing process in house. No matter where you are, we take care of all your needs with personal care of a family-owned business with the resources and backing of the largest national underwriter.

Lender Services

Whether you’re a local community bank, regional credit union or national lender, you can rely on Farrar and Associates to meet your needs. We will work with you to learn the ins and outs of your business, developing a long-lasting relationship that helps us better serve you with solutions designed to meet your specific needs for origination and mortgage servicing.

Closing Services

Closing on a home? Farrar and Associates is ready to respond quickly to answer your questions and meet your needs while providing valuable guidance about the real estate transaction and closing process. We can close when and where you want.

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